Welcome to a glimpse into the future. The future of how you interact socially, where you shop, what you buy, how you save. How business interacts and attracts customers is changing and changing in a big way. Traditional advertising is slowly working its way out of mainstream; its effectiveness is eroding through technological means destined to avoid it. Business must go on and find the means, the delivery, and the message. In comes Deagl, the smart phone app that will change the world. Users will have the ability to save on what they purchase, in turn they will give businesses what they desperately need. Personalized advertising, socially shared among all. Cost effective, precise, direct.
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About Us

Definition – Noun
: a business transaction involving use of one’s personal social media

: an arrangement for mutual advantage involving the permission or use of one’s social

Ex. Before I go to the store to get a pair of new shoes, I need to check to see if there is a
Deagl I can use.

Definition – Verb
: to carry on the business of buying or selling (something) and getting a discount or
additional value for the permissible use of one’s social media for advertising purposes

Ex. I found out that I could Deagl the price of the shoes; they turned out to be a great